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RCT3 Wild! campaing 04 - A Rollercoaster Odyssey

The emblem of the scenario


Gemini Basin is cleared for launch - the robotic future of theme parks! Evolve a magnificent monolithic primate park from the high tech sci-fi atractions - but watch out: some robots can became too smart for their own good.

Pre-built Rides

  • Observation (Inverted Coaster)
    • Excitement Rating: 8.05 (Very High)
    • Intensity Rating: 8.61 (Very High)
    • Nausea Rating: 6.69 (High)
    • Initial Price: $6.90
  • Rush (Robotic Coaster)
    • Excitement Rating: 4.92 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 3.48 (Medium)
    • Nausea Rating: 1.43 (Low)
    • Initial Price: $3.40
  • Robot Arm 1
    • Excitement Rating: 6.83 (High)
    • Intensity Rating: 6.54 (High)
    • Nausea Rating: 6.36 (High)
    • Initial Price: $3.90

Toilets 1 and 2



  • Animals of species: 10 (Chimp) - can be achieved at any time.
  • Total monthly ride income: $400.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Minimum park value $60,000.00 - can be achieved at any time.


  • Animals of species: 20 (Orangutan) - can be achieved at any time.
  • Total monthly ride income: $550.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Minimum park value $95,000.00 - can be achieved at any time.


  • Animals of species: 30 (Gorilla) - can be achieved at any time.
  • Total monthly ride income: $700.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Minimum park value $130,000.00 - can be achieved at any time.

Scenario Guide

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This is a fairly easy scenario, it’s possible to win in less than 15-20 minutes. The pre-built rides bring enough total monthly ride income to fulfill that objective up to Tycoon so you shouldn’t bother with building any other rides. Build a few food, drink, souvenir stalls and information if you want but they’re not necessary. Soon you’ll get a quest to sell 20 monkey balloons in 60 days (they’re sold at the Safari Hat so build one or two), try to complete that, it shouldn’t be too difficult, and you get a cash prize of $1,000.

Build a fairly big chain fence enclosure. The lowest big flat plateau at the other side of the lake should be an ideal place for that, but don’t use up the whole plateau for this enclosure. Build some ape houses (you can do some terraforming too), and buy 10 chimps. With that, you should pass apprentice.

For the entrepreneur, just buy 20 orang-utans in the same enclosure (this is why it should be fairly big). You can connect the enclosure with a path the other side of the park where the rides are, but it’s not necessary.

Once that’s done, build an electric fence enclosure, about the same size as the other, next to it on the plateau. Build some ape houses (and do some terraforming if you like) and buy 30 gorillas. It’s quite likely you don’t have enough money for all the apes but you can just take as much loan as necessary, you don’t have to pay it back anyway. With the 30 gorillas, the park value probably has reached the required amount too, (if not, build a few other rides or scenery), and you won tycoon.

Available Rides

Available Scenery

Researched Rides

Researched Scenery

Other Notes

This park has some references to sci-fi films. The park's name is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Three of the park's goals require the player to build habitats for chimps, orangutans, and gorillas, all of whom are apes, referencing the Planet of the Apes films.

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