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This is a list of all the scenery items under the group Abstract Theming. All scenery in this group (except the ones that require Space Theming) are custom color.

Abstract Themeing
RCTicon RCT2icon Objecticon Musicicon Entertainericon Entranceicon
Name Image Cost Size
Geometric Sculpture Shape 1 $16 1x1
Geometric Sculpture Shape 2 $16 1x1
Geometric Sculpture Shape 3 $16 1x1
Geometric Sculpture Shape 4 $18 1x1
Geometric Sculpture Shape 5 $17 1x1
Sculpture (RCT2 with Space Theming) $16 1x1
Sculpture (RCT2 with Space Theming) $11 ¼ tile
Glass Wall Glass Wall 2 $7 Tile Edge
Glass Wall $9 Tile Edge
Glass Wall Glass Wall $12 Tile Edge
Glass Roof Glass Wall $20 1x1
Glass Wall Glass Wall $9 Tile Edge
Glass Roof Glass Wall $20 1x1



An example of See-Through Scenery with Abstract Theming

  • The sculptures that require Space Theming are in RCT1 but are Space Theming only.
  • Sculptures are in 2 scenery groups. This is shared only with the Ice Cube (Water Theming and Snow/Ice Theming).
  • When See-through Scenery is on, the frame of abstract themed objects turn transparent, but the glass, which is already see-through, is unaffected.
  • You get the Abstract styled entrance and exit when you research the scenery. The colors here can be changed as well.
  • Clicking on the tab for this themeing will reset the color-coded scenery color to maroon, including the banners.