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Adrenaline Heights is a scenario which follows the opposite of Gentle Glen. Guests will only ride intense rides in this park, so you will need to make

Adrenaline Heights RCT

rides with an intensity rating of "Very High" or "Extreme" to succeed (Cathexis is a good example, although even its rating of 8.10 may still have guests complaining that the ride is not intense enough.)

Adrenaline Heights finished

Scenario finished by sucinum

Research only Shops and Stalls first until you have a Drink Stall, then go for Roller Coasters and Ride Improvements. This park should be fairly easy as long as you build enough big rides and advertise when you need to. There are a few non-roller coaster rides the guests will go on: they are the Whoa Belly/Launched Freefall, Roto-Drop, Gravitron set on Berserk Mode, the Swinging Inverter Ship set to maximum swings, and the Water Slide. Surround roller coasters with as many of those rides as possible to keep guests busy and to take some of their spare cash.

Guests will ride nearly any roller coaster as long as it has an intensity of 8 or higher, so go wild! Do watch your money carefully, however, as you must be able to keep building through the entire scenario to attract 1,600 guests.

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