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Alton Towers RCT

This park requires a lot of fixing. There are a few problems. The 6 major problems are as follows:

  • There are FAR too little handymen and mechanics.
  • All of the rides are free.
  • Everybody is getting lost.
  • There are FAR too little shops & stalls.
  • Nemesis, Oblivion, and Black Hole are extremely prone to Station Brakes Failure crashes.
  • There are FAR too little benches and litter bins, and a lot of the ones that are available for visitors to the park have been vandalized.
  • Your initial loan is extremely high ($4,770,000!), so making money will be very difficult.

The first thing to do is to pause the game. Then, fire all of your staff members, and hire at least 40-50 handymen and set their patrol areas. Look at the solution to the third problem first to help with setting the patrol areas. Also use FAR smaller patrol areas for mechanics (so you should certainly hire a lot of new ones), or hire one mechanic per ride and set their patrol areas on the exit of a ride.

The second problem can be solved easily. Just set thrill ride-prizes to $1, rollercoaster-prizes to $3, gentle ride-prizes to $0.20 and 3D cinema's to $0.50. Players can keep these prices all the way until the scenario is finished. This way, players can make a profit every month.

The third problem requires two changes. First of all: simplify the pathways everywhere. Also, remove the entire underground path that runs from the exit of Runaway Minetrain towards the park exit. This is very time-consuming, but it will also be very helpful. The second critical thing here is to add two extra paths; one that runs from the Runaway Minetrain area directly to the park exit, and the second one must be added from the path that runs from the exit of Black Hole, towards the path that runs south of it (the one that runs past the right side of the two lakes).

The fourth thing is to add a lot of shops and stalls (maybe even a hundred!) Make sure there are at least 25-30 Information Kiosks and Bathrooms scattered around your park, and at least 15-20 food and drink stalls. Also note that there is a pre-built Ice Cream Stall in the park that is closed, and can be easily opened by opening all rides at the beginning of the scenario.

Remedying the fifth problem requires that each of the roller coasters be reduced to running only one train, or that the tracks are redesigned so that the trains enter the station at a safe speed. Nemesis can be reduced to run only one train without dramatically reducing capacity and profitability. The same is also true of Black Hole if the 3-car rocket trains are swapped for a single 10-car ladybird or log train. For Oblivion, the final stretch of the track after the curve to the station should be altered to include a holding brake; although this reduces the ride to running only two 3-car trains and requires that the trains be adequately spaced apart to avoid collisions. This fix makes the ride safe without significantly lengthening the track.

The final thing is to is to build benches and trash bins everywhere around your park.

Alton Towers Complete

Scenario completed