A wonderland dream-style park is ideal for guests from everywhere. But if the loan isn't paid back, this park may crumble.

This large park is mostly void of any construction, with only a few rides scattered across the map, a few decorated paths and a massive Steel Corkscrew Roller Coaster with several design flaws uselessly bumping the intensity rating up. There's, for sure, a lot of job to be done here...

Pre-built Rides

Scenario Guide

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OK. Here we kick into the Expert scenarios. This park in itself is not difficult, but long. Count at least 10 years to reach the set goals.

Knowing that the park entrance is frozen free, you'll have to set the prices up on everything, mainly on the rides : buff the prices up to their excitement rating, rounded down (have the guests pay $5.70 for a ride with a 5.73 excitement rating). Think also about adding more scenery around rides to increase this rating : if it gets a dime up, it's another dime in for your pockets ! Do also buff the stalls prices up to make at least $1 per sold product, with the obvious exception of umbrellas. Remember : at the beginning, any dime counts !

Then, goes the real spending. Start by adding fast money rides on the park's many empty sections : another Shuttle Loop on the west side of the park ; a fast O-Track-10-laps Go Karts track ; an O-track junior : whatever brings the cash in goes ! Then, add other small rides to make a quick buck : bumper cars, watch tower, space rings, crooked house, haunted house, another Merry-Go-Round... Scatter them on the park's empty areas, but you might consider closing the empty path in the back of the park, going from Thunder Cracker towards Echo... Set the coasters to the maximum guest capacity, then you're good to go.

As soon as the guests start complaining, add some shops & stalls throughout the park : there must be one food+drink combo everywhere, and a food court wherever you like.

Remember to add a considerable amount of benches, add lights & bins on this pattern : bench, light, bench. bins go on slopes (where benches can't go), in front of toilets and outside ride exits so that guest can't literally make a single ride without crossing a bin when they get off it. Lights go on between benches (they give guests happiness, so place them between benches so guests refill while they eat/drink/regain control of their stomachs, whatever), on lengthy ride queues & underground paths). Lights add to park value, so don't worry about spending some bucks in.

As soon as the cash flow is stable, do hire 5 animators. Have one of them patrol the Thunder Cracker's queue, another one on your Shuttle Loop. Up to 10, every animator bumps the park value up, so keep the hiring going.

Remember that the rides add to the Park value, but this bonus does decrease as the ride gets older. So when you reach year 5, do replace all the rides you have by brand new ones to get the bonus refreshed !

As soon as your cash flow gets really comfortable, save your park, and build an Hyper Twister Coaster. I'd suggest you to place it's entrance on the massive unused part west of the park entrance. Get this spot ready to welcome more than one Hyper-Twister, so keep that in mind. Or even better : build 4 or 5 stations immediately, along with queues and stuff. If you're able to have these coasters duel each other, then it's even better. Build these Supercoasters so that they simply get around the park, with massive heights & drops (get them even digging below the ground, it's even better), and -if you make'em duel- use the slope boosters to make the outer coaster catch it's inner rival. Make sure, while you build them, to not let your park unmanaged, or else paths might get really messy... Leave the building once in a while to make sure everything's in check. If you managed these coasters successfully, you'd be able to expect a 8.00 excitement rating at least, which means $8 per ride, so $250 per train dispatched...

Your park will rapidly welcome 2000+ guests, then 3000+, so get them occupied so that they don't clog up your paths : give'em rides to queue for, and more paths to walk in. Else, it might turn messy real soon...

Remember to repay your loan when you can, to renew rides when you must, to build what you have to, to hire the staff you need, and you will slowly -but surely- get towards your goal.

Interesting coasters & tracks are :

  • Steel Wild Mouse Coaster, especially the Steel Squeak design, works wonders for "declogging" your paths with holding 50+ guests per ride. Build one ASAP.
  • Steel Looping Coaster, add a Shuttle Loop or a Turbine into your park, you'll need'em in the beginning...
  • Vertical Drop Coaster, add a Mini Diver track first then expand it for max capacity.
  • Steel Twister Roller Coaster, use it to replace the Thunder Cracker corkscrew track for a smoother ride & slope boosters to shorten hill climbing time and so increase ride's capacity.
  • Hyper Twister Coaster, you'll need them to get the Park Value objective, so get ready to build'em.
  • Miniature Railroad, an all-around-the-park railroad may work well to hold 100+ guests in, but might be hard to renovate. Just keep its price cheap, so that guests can ride it anytime.

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Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Water Rides

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Other Notes

  • Despite the various themes available, staying on the Wonderland Theming pays off.

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