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Amity Airfield RCT2-0

Scenario Guide

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This park requires a whooping 3,000 guests in just 4 years and it is much harder due to it being a "pay for entry" park. But, if you remember to build shops and stalls as much as rides, money would not be so much of a problem. You may even make some money every month if you have enough of them to satisfy your guests as well as your bankers.

Set the research funding to $400 (maximum). Start and build a couple roller coasters, with one of them at least having a good guest capacity. Avoid therefore the Mini Suspended Coasters, Wooden Wild Mouses, and so, to which you will prefer a nice shuttle Looping Coaster with a large train. Build some gentle and thrill rides, hire some staff, then open the park.

Keep your park inside the space between the park entrance & the airfield itself, and keep the park borders clean for a Monorail shuttle around it. This will help you manage the park's day-to-day operations much better than if you do spread out immediately, which would be catastrophic.

Next, delete one or two roads at the airfield. This would bring you some fresh bills, with which you'd build another roller coaster and raise the admission fee to $15.00 - $20.00.

Add a Monorail shuttle from your park entrance towards the side of your park on which you've built your most massive coasters. This ride's pre-requisites: maximum train capacity, maximum queue, minimum track length (use diagonal tracks and keep the corners behind the diagonal track for massive coasters), and no bumps at all. Keep the track at the same level to reduce ride duration and so the queue length. If you have the ability to complete this shuttle circuit to a complete loop, you will be able to multiply the capacity by 4 and so reduce the passengers waiting time. It's not mandatory, but keep this idea at hand, it might serve.

Now, build some shops & stalls, as well as adding benches and bins. You may place a food court if you have 1,500 guests at least in the park (I hope you do, or else you might be in trouble). As always, keep using fences and guardrail to maximize the number of benches available. Remember to add lights between the benches to help increase the guests happiness, and add bins at all exits.

Start advertising the park and offer coupons non-stop for the whole four years. Replace the flat rides, one after the other, keep on building new rides and stalls when possible. Remember that you need both: rides bring guests, and shops bring you their money. You need both, so build both in convenient numbers.

Don't ever stop advertising and build as many shops as you can, as shops are your biggest revenue once guests are inside the park. Charge a maximum for your shops, stalls, and on-ride photos.

As a rule of thumb, you must make at least 1$ out of any article you sell. There is no exception to this rule. Any article you sell for less than 1$ profit is given away.

Also remember to charge an eye for your umbrellas, as these will constitute a "second park ticket" once your guests will be in the park.

Increase the admission fee as the park expands. Sometime during the Year 3, research would end, so set the funds to $0 once it does. By the start of Year 4, you should have over 2,000 guests, so do not stop expanding and advertising. You will welcome your 3,000th guest somewhere along Year 4.

Only when you've met the guests requirement, you should stop advertising. From that point on just keep an eye out for litter and vomiting as most roller coasters on Amity Airfield will tend to be highly intense, and nauseous. As in every park, try to repay your loan if you have time and, obviously, money for it.

If you can accomplish this park's objective, then none of the other challenging parks would be a massive challenge anymore. Perhaps Botany Breakers and Gravity Gardens will still be, but nothing out of reach.

A tip is to save the game, especially as you enter Year 4. Save them as "Amity Airfield 1", "Amity Airfield 2", etc. This way, if you get to October Year 4 and your park value starts to plummet or guests start to leave, you have another opportunity to complete the scenario, without having to start over from scratch.

In Short:

  • Push research to maximum, and build two coasters with one being a shuttle coaster like Cobra or Shuttle Loop. Maximum capacity for both coasters. Build a few flat rides, hire staff, and open the park.
  • Build a lot of shops to make money. Charge all stuff so that you make at least $1 profit per sale.
  • Keep your space, by holding your park between the park's entrance and the airfield itself. Keep the borders clean, so that you can build a Monorail shuttle there.
  • Build the Monorail shuttle flat, place longest possible stations on each side, towards the center. use diagonal track between the stations and keep the corners clean for massive coasters.
  • Start advertising as soon as you make money, and don't stop until you reach your objective.
  • Erase the airfield's roads and stuff for quick and easy money. but do it progressively and only if you need quick cash, else you'll burn the candle too fast.
  • Make sure you have at least 1,250 guests when starting Year 3, and 2,000 guests at start of Year 4.

Coaster Building Tips

  • Always use continue circuit BLOCK SECTION mode! It is safer and allow several trains to run without crashing into each other, by diving the ride into sections. It's what real life coasters use.
  • To access block section mode, you must use block brakes. Adding one block brakes section will divide the ride into two sections (one between the block and the station, and the other between station and the block, namely the whole ride). On this ride, you have two sections, which will allow you to run two trains without a risk of accident. The more block brake sections you have, the more trains you will be able to run, namely the number of block brake sections your ride has. If your ride has two stations, add 1 more to this number..
  • Don't add any inclines after block brakes with out a drop first or a chain lift because block brakes slow the train down to 4mph, and down to a complete stop if previous station is occupied.