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Located within this city, you are to build a theme park. Marketing campaigns are not allowed, so manageing this park will be a heavier challange.

Pre-built Rides


Scenario Guide

  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
  • The General Scenario Guide and Hints and Tips articles may also provide helpful information in completing this scenario.
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In fact, this scenario is quite easy and straightforward. You have to charge as much as you can for every ride, then build, build, build and manage.

Start by building a coaster. A stand-up coaster will do. Then, set your research so you can get the Information Kiosk. Build it on park's entrance. Then, build all the rides you have at your disposal, especially the calmer ones, around the entrance & the Stand-Up Coaster, which is known to be a very intense and nauseating one. Put a First Aid Room near it's exit.

Don't forget to build some stalls, especially ATMs, and a foodcourt nearby so that no guests leave because of unsatisfied hunger. Also, do hire some staff (especially handymen) in quantities, and assign them to close patrol areas. You've got no ads, therefore every guest who leaves thinking "This park is disgusting" is an unrepairable loss. Also, hire security guards & animators the same way : No guest must leave unhappy.

Then, build a simple Splash Boats as shown in the Completion picture below : a small station, a hill climb, two rails turning back, steep fall back to station. 5 boats, test, charge, open. Then save. This ride is a money-making beast. A MONEY. MAKING. BEAST.

At this point, if you're doing things right, you should have a bankable park with at least $4000 in monthly ride ticket sales.

Then, it's only pushing the envelope forward : build, charge, open. Build the Updraft & Batty Bikers once you can afford them, as always, charge & open.

Normally, you should reach the objective at July Year 3 (as shown in my completion picture below), without a single buck in debt, and without even needing to dig through the american football field. (I did because I ignored the BB, but I won before even have time to build the path.)

Available Rides


Gentle Rides

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Water Rides

Shops and Stalls

Available Scenery

Researchable Rides

(Rides that need to be researched before they can be built)


Gentle Rides

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Water Rides

Shops and Stalls

Researchable Scenery

(Scenery that needs to be researched before it can be built)

Other Notes

  • This scenario is among the easiest of the Expert Scenarios to complete.
  • The typos you see in the scenario's description are transcribed as VJ wrote (as you can see on picture), they're transcribed here as is.

Axis Park completed by John-Mahmud

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