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You start this scenario with $5,000 of your own money, and you can borrow up to $35,000 from the bank.

Pause the game when the scenario starts. Notice the two paths leading to nowhere on either side of the rock. Cut these off from the main pathway going around the existing rides, then pick up every guest on these two paths and drop them onto the main path.

With the pathways leading to nowhere blocked, you can proceed to clear the patrol areas for your staff so that they can move around freely. However, you are strongly advised to keep the patrol areas for Handyman 2 and Handyman 4 as they are—between these two handymen, they are more than capable of dealing with anything that crops up around the small food centre to the right of the park. You can also sack your two Entertainers and Security Guard—they are not worth the monthly cost at this point.

This park comes with a handful of rides, all of them with free admission as well as their own set of minor issues:

  1. The Water Coaster (Splashster) has decent ride ratings but relatively low guest capacity
  2. The Enterprise is located too close to the park entrance, which will turn some guests away
  3. The Ferris Wheel's queue length is a bit too long
  4. The Maze only allows 4 guests in at any one time

Price the rides as you see fit first, and change the Maze's settings so that 16 guests can be in it simultaneously. Next, close and move the Ferris Wheel so that it is nearer to the park entrance—build new connecting paths for it if needed—and move the Enterprise to the Ferris Wheel's original location, using its former queue and exit paths as the new paths for the Enterprise.

Due to its low guest capacity, the queue time for Splashster is 12 minutes. The absolute least you should do is cut off most of the queue path so that it connects directly to the main path. However, if you feel bold, you can also make some minor alterations to the coaster itself to increase its guest capacity a little. The large banked curve before the second lift hill, as well as the short stretch of straight track before the station platform, are good places to add more block brake sections. You can re-use the remnants of Splashster's original queue path for another ride.

Set research to Maximum Funding and prioritise researching gentle, thrill and water rides, as well as roller coasters. This scenario's research tree is quite deep, and you only have a few rides to work with at the start, so make sure you are researching ride types that you will build to draw guests.

Since much of the ground-level tiles are covered with shrubs and bushes, your rides will cost considerably more to build, so your first few coasters should be small and inexpensive so that they will attract guests and income while taking as little as possible out of your funds. Good coaster types you can work with right at the start include the Reverse Freefall, Inverted Impulse and Spinning Wild Mouse coasters; researching roller coasters will also allow you to eventually build Wooden Wild Mouse and Inverted Shuttle coasters.

Although you have quite a lot of space to work with, cramming as many rides as you can near the pre-built ones will save guests the trouble of walking long distances and keep them within reach of the food centre, which in turn saves you the need to build more food/drink stalls for some time. You may wish to relocate the merchandise stalls and First Aid Room, however, since these were pre-built in odd locations. The First Aid Room is best placed close to the exit of the Enterprise, while the merchandise stalls should be placed near the entrances of your greatest money-earners.

An alternative way to develop your park is to build on the rock itself. If you prioritise Transport Rides, you will eventually research the Elevator, which can be used to ferry passengers from the ground level to the top of the rock. As the top of the rock is completely barren and relatively flat, you can choose to build rides on it instead of on the bush-covered ground. In addition, the cost of building a direct footpath from the ground to the top of the rock can be reduced a little if you "wrap" the pathway around the rock's outcroppings. Incidentally, the outcropping nearest to the Maze is largely at the perfect level to build an Elevator. Even if you don't intend to build on top of the rock, the Elevator serves as a ride, so just building it alone will draw some additional guests.

3 years is not a lot of time to generate a high guest count, especially given that you start out with few ride types, so you should be constantly building new rides to draw guests.