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Body Slides are Pool Slides that have peeps slide down slides without mats, unlike H2O Slide Bowl. This slide can have a variety of ups and downs, however you cannot use a lift hill. A good body slide should start elevated so the peep can gain speed on the slide.


Similar in terms of functions to the Dingy Slide, this ride is exclusively built as a ride for a Pool Complex.

Special Track Elements

Flume End

  • Flume End

This track piece also ends the ride. Guests will fly off the track and land in the pools.[1]


  • S-bend
  • Banked curves
  • Banked S-bend
  • Slide End to Lift Hill Left
  • Slide End to Lift Hill Right
  • Large Helix
  • Small Helix

A body slide curving by a pool complex


  • Banked Curves - 30° banking
  • Maximum Track Slope - 90°

Other Information

  • Ensure that the ride ends in the swimming pools, or else riders will crash and the ride will be closed.
  • This ride is free for guests. The park cannot earn any direct profit from it, but the price to enter the pool complex can be raised instead.
  • This ride is repaired from within the changing room used to enter the pool complex it is part of.
  • A good body slide should start elevated so the peep can gain speed on the slide.

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