Scenario Guide

  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
  • The General Scenario Guide and Hints and Tips articles may also provide helpful information in completing this scenario.
  • There are usually multiple strategies to successfully completing a scenario; these can be discussed on this article's talk page.

This scenario is quite easy to complete, with plenty of rides, space, and time. A good strategy of building through the park is to use the existing pathways for your guests, but focus on one little area at a time. Example: At the beginning, you should only focus on the first little areas near the entrance. Delete one tile of path leading to the next area and when you want to expand your park to there, refill the footpath.

Be sure to build some transport rides throughout your park, as your park will become very large. Once you get going with your rides, guests will pour in, giving you tons of money. Just keep building lots of roller coasters, and you can't fail.

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