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Bumbly Beach features a large Wooden Roller Coaster and two gentle rides. The problem is that the gentle rides are on opposite sides of the park, and guests do not like walking long distances without any attractions.

The first thing that you should do is demolish the Ferris Wheel at the very corner, and build a new one near the entrance. You should also remove the path leading to the Ferris Wheel's former position. This will reduce the distance between attractions.

Next, you should relocate the Merry-Go-Round to an area near the path that connects the roller coaster to the entrance. This again will reduce the distance between attractions.

You should also try to put brakes on the Wooden Roller Coaster so as to not allow it to crash later in the game, or delete it all together and make a new one yourself. Woodchip works best since it's safe and can easily be built in the scenario, even in place of the old roller coaster. In either case, be sure to manually add an On-Ride Photo Section so you can bring in extra profit from the coaster. On the existing coaster, this can easily be put in right after the small hill before the main lift hill.

You will not need to build a roller coaster in the beginning to draw visitors in, so focus on building non-tracked rides to keep as many guests in the park as possible. Building gentle and thrill rides between the roller coaster and the entrance will ensure that the guests will have something to do. Remember to create shops and stalls along that path too, to keep the rest of their needs satisfied.

Make a Go Karts near the back of the park. It is a good drawing card for money and can help you pay back your loan.

Once you have filled up all of the space near the entrance, you can expand in any direction you want. Once you reach the other side of the park, you can build another large roller coaster to supplement the one at the entrance. Remember to make shops and stalls at regular intervals to keep your guests happy.

Once you have used most of the space in the park, a transport ride that goes around the outer edge of the park will be useful in getting your guests from the entrance to the far end.


Bumbly Beach - finished