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This is a list of all the scenery items under the group "Classical/Roman Theming".

Name Image Cost Size
Roman Temple Roman temple $62 1 x 1
Roman Column Roman column $11 ¼ tile
Roman Statue Roman statue 1 $20 1 x 1
Roman Statue Roman statue 2 $20 1 x 1
Roman Column Wall $6 Tile edge
Cupid Fountains Cupid fountain $65 1 x 1
Roman Colosseum Roman colosseum $200 4 x 4 (inner 4 squares missing)
Roman Wall $5 Tile edge


  • In RCT1 researching Classical/Roman Theming will also add, if running the expansion packs, the Roman Fanfare style music for your rides, as well as the Roman-styled entrance and exit (both of which are already unlocked in RCT2). You'll also get the Roman entertainer costume if you have the expansion packs or RCT2.

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