The dodgems(or bumper cars) are a type of ride where you can drive a car and bash into other cars for fun.


Metal floor and overhead mesh provide power for the dodgems, making this attraction categorized as an indoor ride.


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Bumper Cars
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

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Fighting Knights Dodgem Cars
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Time Twister

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Triceratops Dodgem Cars
Time Twister

Other Information

Dodgems are very popular in the rain and also plays music (the unique Dodgems Beat Style), which your guests will enjoy. One potential problem is that Dodgems can only run at full capacity (unlike real life), so guests may be on the ride for some time before it begins. The number of cars can be changed if desired, but Dodgems are popular enough that this is rarely an issue.


  • In RCT1, they are called Bumper Cars in the US version, but in the successor series, they're called Dodgems, in the US and UK versions.
    • Interestingly enough, the theme music in all versions is called "Dodgems Beat Theme".
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