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Scenario Guide

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In this scenario, you are limited in space. The two squares of your park have a bridge connecting the two of them and more two squares available to be bought with construction rights to get there, but you probably won't buy any land soon, since you can beat the scenario by cramming your park.

First thing to do is shorten the huge lines for the Mini Golfs, since it's taking forever, short them to one tile of queue line. Now, you might want to consider to remove one of them, since they are taking a lot of space, but it's possible to win the scenario even with both of them.

Start of with gentle and thrill rides, price the rides for their excitement rating, if for example, a ride that has an excitement rating of 3.34, the price will be 3.30, same as for coasters. If you still have some money, build a cheap roller coaster and try to make it to 6.xx excitement rating and price it at that price. Don't worry, they will still pay for it.

Since you have unlimited time, you can even finish the scenario before Year 2. Just build a coaster with 7.xx excitement rating, have a good amount of flat thrill rides, and you beat the objective, but be sure that you can control your ride tickets sell, as you may want to repay your loan.

If you need to buy land, make sure to buy the northern part of the 2 available pieces. This is because this part has a building in it, which sells for $90, making the four tiles cost nothing and makes you gain $10. That and the fact that this part is larger, which means you probably don't have to buy construction rights for another bridge. Another good idea is to use the space between the parts you originally own construction rights to as a space for rides. Using this tactic for bought space with construction rights is no use, as it's cheaper to build rides on normal ground you have to buy, than it is to make the ride needing support.