This is a list of all the scenery items under the group "Egyptian Theming".

Name Image Cost Size
Pyramid Pyramid $350 6 x 6
Egyptian Statue Egyptian statue $20 1 x 1
Sphinx Sphinx $190 2 x 4
Colonnade Colonnade $120 2 x 2
Egyptian Column Egyptaincolum $8 ¼ tile
Cleopatra's Needle Cleopatra'sneedle $12 ¼ tile
Ruined Statue Ruined statue $5 ¼ tile
Stone Block Stone block $5 ¼ tile
Egyptian Wall Egyptainwall $5 Tile edge
Lamp Lamp $6 Path tile


In Loopy Landscapes, Egyptian-style music would also be unlocked in Egyptian theming was researched. In RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 the music came separately. A more detailed egyptian theming appeared in RCT3 Wild under Safari

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