Extreme Heights RCT2-0

Scenario Guide

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This is a park that will consist mostly of Roller Coasters. At the beginning of the scenario, no gentle rides are available, and you are limited with your thrill rides. During the course of the scenario, you'll develop a few, but the game researches mostly new Roller Coasters and Themes.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, due to the amount of space available and the lack of financial restrictions. Keeping the rating above 700 should not prove to be a very difficult challenge, because a rather successful roller coaster already exists. The biggest challenge of this particular park is actually playing through long enough to attract the required amount of guests. With enough time ahead, this park will prove no difficulty.

Here, most guests intensity rating is "more than 9", so gentle coasters won't work out. Good coasters to attract guests to the park are coasters with high excitement ratings, but keep both intensity and excitement ratings high enough, or no one will ride.

Guests will typically not be interested in thrill rides. The only ones that are intense enough are Enterprise, Launched Freefall and Roto-Drop (with tall towers), as well as the Top Spin's Berserk Mode. Other than that, roller coasters with an intensity of 8 to 11 are ideal for the guests. An excitement rating of over 9 will attract guests to the park, this can easily be accomplished with a lot of scenery and intertwining of all of your coasters.

Also, the ATM Machine is completely useless to build on this scenario, due to unlimited funds.