A functional room for sick guests to recover quickly from nauseousness. The best strategy is to place them near the exits of highly nauseous thrill rides or roller coasters to prevent the guests from vomiting on the footpaths.

The First Aid Room, in RCT2, works in a similar way as the Toilet (which depletes the "Toilets" gauge) and quickly depletes the "Nausea" gauge of a guest, before letting it go.

Money is only required for initial constuction in RCT2; this service will not require operating fees to keep it functional. However, the RCT3 version has a running cost.


  • In RCT3, the room can be entered from all sides despite only having one door.
  • Just like the Toilet, the First Aid Room has no limits in terms of guest capacity: any number of guests can enter it at any time.
RCT3 First Aid Room

First Aid Room in RCT3

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