For the Lay-down Roller Coaster, see here.


Track has a square-section steel spine, connected to the inside edges of tubular steel running rails. Supports are large tubular steel posts. Trains are held on the track by wheels below and inside the running rails. Unlike Lay-down Roller Coaster, this ride starts with upside-down station, has fewer compatible inversions but gives more excitement and is easier to design.

Special Track Elements

  • Banked Curves
  • Banked Helix
  • Banked Swoop Track
  • Half Loop
  • Half In-Line Twist


  • Maximum track slope - 50°
  • Maximum Track Slope - 60°
  • Maximum Lift Hill Slope - 25°
  • Maximum height above ground - 145 feet


Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

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Flying Roller Coaster RCT2 Icon

Flying Roller Coaster
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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

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Condor Ride
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Pterodactyl Coaster
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Time Twister

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Pre-built designs

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Build Menu
  • Updraft
  • Terror-dactyl

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Other Information

  • Like Inverted Roller Coaster, Flying Roller Coaster gives very high Nausea ratings due to negative vertical G's at ground slopes so keep the design simple ! And anyway, do prepare for a lot of throw-up by placing benches and litters anound exit path. And do obviously keep food & drink stalls far away.
  • Unlike Lay-down Roller Coaster, this gives pretty high Excitement and is easy to build. Because of the very few compatible inversions, the good designs usually have not more than 9 Intensity Rating. If your coaster has an Excitement Rating below 6 & an Intensity Rating above 9, then it has above all a problem...

In Real Life

  • Inverted Flying Roller Coaster is designed by B&M and the most famous design is Superman: The Ultimate Flight.