Scenario Guide

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Like most scenarios in RollerCoaster Tycoon, Forest Frontiers can be won using many different strategies. The general ease of the scenario is good for beginners, and the park is flat and open enough to make most of the building quite easy.

There are multiple ways to complete this scenario, including the example below:

Because this park is relatively easy to build in, players will need four different things in their park to start with:

Players should extend the existing path about a third of the way down the park, and build rides and stalls around that path. That will ensure that the player doesn't get everything too cluttered, and so that the guests don't get lost. Continue like this until all the space is filled.

Normally, an Information Kiosk is a good idea, so in rainy weather, guests have umbrellas and they usually won't get lost if they have a park map. Make sure you take off everything in research (the science button), and set maximum funding, and set only shops and stalls until you get your Information Kiosk. Then, set the research at anything you like. This can be a great strategy for every park without an Information Kiosk.

It is recommended to set research to Roller Coasters so that you can get the Looping Roller Coaster. When you unlock it, you can create the Shuttle Loop design which doesn't cost much and brings in a lot of guests.

Players should be sure to make shops, stalls, benches, and trash cans at regular intervals along the main path to keep the guests comfortable.

This should be a quick and easy scenario. Don't forget to hire staff!