The Fries Shop/Stall (Chip Shop/Fries Stall in the UK versions of RCT1 and RCT2) is a stall that sells fries. Fries sold at the Fries Stall are very salty and will therefore make your guests very thirsty, making them more likely to buy drinks. Fries Stalls are the most profitable stalls in RCT, however this relies on the default prices.


In RCT2, there are two separate buildings that sell fries: the Fries Shop (Chip Shop in the UK), which is identical to the one from RCT1, and the Fries Stall, a completely new building.

Interestingly, the Fries Stall has an identical name in the US and UK releases, with Chip Shop selling chips and the Fries Stall selling fries.

Other notes

  • The Chip Shop's mascot was originally intended to be animated, but for an unknown reason, the concept was scrapped.
  • Despite having different names between the US and the UK, setting the price too high will make guests say "I'm not paying that much for Chips at..." However, if they think it's really cheap, they will say fries instead of chips. 
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