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RCT3 campaing 05 - Fright Night

The emblem of the scenario – featuring a mummy and a witch riding a coaster, with the silhouette of spooky scenery in the background.

Scenario Description

Forget about haunted houses and costumed characters, because cheap thrills don't scare the teens in town. You'll need to give something they can really scream about - like roller coasters that would scare the hair off a werewolf.


Prebuilt rides

Winged Rat (Lay Down RollerCoaster)

  • Excitement: 8.09 (Very High)
  • Intensity: 9.07 (Very High)
  • Nausea: 6.34 (high)
  • Initial Price: $5.50

House of Damnation (Ghost House Ride)

  • Excitement 3.54 (Medium)
  • Intensity 1.53 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.10 (Low)
  • Initial Price: $2.00

Skull Swinger (Gallows Swing)

  • Excitement 2.26 (Low)
  • Inensity 1.68 (Low)
  • Nausea 1.84 (Low)
  • Initial Price: $1.00

Toilets 01 (Toilets)

  • Free



  • Minimum coaster excitement: 5, 2 coasters.
  • Minimum coaster length: 524.93 ft, 2 coasters.
  • Total monthly ride income: $200.00.


  • Minimum coaster excitement: 6, 2 coasters.
  • Minimum coaster length: 1017.06 ft, 2 coasters.
  • Repay Loan.


  • Minimum coaster excitement: 7, 2 coasters.
  • Minimum coaster length: 1509.19 ft, 2 coasters.
  • Total monthly ride income: $600.00

Scenario Guide

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Whatever you do, do NOT demolish Winged Rat. It already gives half the coaster requirements you need to meet all the way through Tycoon level and you can't replace it due to the height. If you need some spare cash, either a) increase your prices, or b) delete either the house of damnation or skull swinger. But whatever you do, keep Winged Rat. Naturally, the first thing you should do in this scenario is build another coaster. Another Lay Down coaster should work very well, but if you're confident with a wild mouse, go ahead. Either way, try to make your second coaster meet the objectives for tycoon so you don't have to be bothered with it later. Next, make sure the coaster has a decent price and build a few food stalls. Then save your money until you can pay off your loan. Ta da, you've just beaten the apprentice and entrepreneur levels. Now that you're on tycoon level, build a few more platform rides and maybe another tracked ride (preferably NOT a coaster). Other than that, it's pretty much just a waiting game until you get the $600.00 a month ride income that you were waiting for.

You should note that it rains a lot in this level, so place your information stalls and bump up the price of those umbrellas for a massive cash fix.

Available Rides

Roller Coasters


  • None



  • None




Researched Rides

Available Scenery

Researched Scenery

Other Notes

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