The Giga Coaster is a large, expensive roller coaster that can provide extreme excitement and long rides.


The giga coaster is a type of steel coaster designed to allow the first drop to range from 300 to 399 feet (400 feet or higher is classified as a strata coaster, while 200 to 299 is a hyper coaster). A differing feature of the giga coaster is the cable lift, as opposed to the chain lift that is common to most coasters. A major advantage to the cable lift is the fact that it is able to transport the train on hills that range up to 60 degrees, allowing for a taller hill in a shorter distance. It also travels quicker, at 15 mph. A disadvantage of the cable lift is that it can only be used straight after the station. The giga coaster is extremely easy to get over 7-8 excitement on, and 9 is not uncommon either. Building one of these in your park is a very good idea.

Special Track Sections

  • Cable lift
  • Large helix
  • Small helix
  • Banked curves up to 90 degrees
  • Booster (RCTC and OpenRCT2 only)


  • Maximum track slope - 60 degrees
  • Maximum height above ground - 420ft


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Giga Coaster
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Pre-built designs

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

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  • Goliath
  • Ice Chaser
  • Neptune's Knot
  • Velocerator

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3


In Real Life

The Giga Coaster is built by Intamin. There are only two offical giga coasters made by Intamin (both in the US). Although the name in RCT is Giga Coaster, it bears a resemblance to Intamin's Mega Coaster cars and track (which are also used on their Giga Coasters). There are 8 Giga/Mega coasters in the world built from 1999 on (the first was Bizarro in Six Flags New England, Formerly Superman: Ride of Steel). 7 of these coasters were built from 1999 until 2003 and the eighth wasn't built until 2010. In 2000, Millennium Force was the first Giga Coaster to be built. Intimidator 305 is the newest Intamin Giga/Mega coaster but features a different train design from the other 7. The ride features over the shoulder restraints and the train is themed to a stock-car. The Giga coaster was featured in RCT2 in Six Flags Holland (Goliath). Interestingly, in game the ride is only 120 feet tall while in real life it is 153 feet tall.