A four lane steeplechase ride is the centerpiece of this expanding park.

The park begins with four large, Single-Rail Roller Coasters racing against each other. There is also a Ferris Wheel, Spiral Slide, and a Merry-Go-Round. You do have the ability to buy land, although it's $80 per square, you do have enough money to buy it all from the start if you get a loan or demolish some of the rides.

Pre-Built Rides:

Steeplechase 1 (Singe-Rail Roller Coaster)

  • Excitement Rating: 7.53 (High)
  • Intensity Rating: 6.04 (High)
  • Nausea Rating: 4.23 (Medium)
  • Initial Pricing: $3.00

Steeplechase 2 (Single-Rail Roller Coaster)

  • Excitement Rating: 6.90 (High)
  • Intensity Rating: 6.53 (High)
  • Nausea Rating: 4.57 (Medium)
  • Initial Pricing: $3.00

Steeplechase 3 (Single-Rail Roller Coaster)

  • Excitement Rating: 7.37 (High)
  • Intensity Rating: 6.25 (High)
  • Nausea Rating: 4.35 (Medium)
  • Initial Pricing: $3.00

Steeplechase 4 (Single-Rail Roller Coaster)

  • Excitement Rating: 7.29 (High)
  • Intensity Rating: 6.28 (High)
  • Nausea Rating: 4.40 (Medium)
  • Initial Pricing: $3.00

Slide 1 (Spiral Slide)

  • Excitement Rating: 2.20 (Low)
  • Intensity Rating: 1.60 (Low)
  • Nausea Rating: 1.15 (Low)
  • Initial Pricing: $0.50

Merry-Go-Round 1 (Merry-Go-Round)

  • Excitement Rating: 1.18 (Low)
  • Intensity Rating: 0.60 (Low)
  • Nausea Rating: 0.75 (Low)
  • Initial Pricing: $0.80

Ferris Wheel 1 (Ferris Wheel)

  • Excitement Rating: 1.45 (Low)
  • Intensity Rating: 0.75 (Low)
  • Nausea Rating: 0.80 (Low)
  • Initial Pricing: $1.00

Scenario Guide

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Other Notes

This is the only pre-built park to charge both a park entrance fee and a ride admission fee.

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