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RCT3 campaing 02 - Goldrush!

The emblem of the scenario – featuring two guests with a park map, with the silhouette of Mine Shaft Screamer, a Wagon Wheel and the scenery in the background.


Now's your chance to hit paydirt by using this unstable, abandoned mining area to showcase low-rise coasters. Over time your coasters must start to make up in adrenaline what they lack in height to keep your claim staked with the visitors.

Goldrush! is the second scenario in the vanilla RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Prebuilt Rides

Dynamite Danger (TNT Vortex)

  • Excitement: 4.06 (Medium)
  • Intensity: 4.65 (Medium)
  • Nausea: 5.76 (High)

Initial Price: $2.00. No music played.

Mining Mission (Mine Train Roller Coaster)

  • Excitement: 6.69 (High)
  • Intensity: 7.18 (High)
  • Nausea: 4,09 (Medium)

Initial Price: $6.50. Music Played: Prairie Rider

Mine Shaft Screamer (Mine Drop Ride)

  • Excitement: 2.78 (Medium)
  • Intensity: 2.25 (Low)
  • Nausea: 2.54 (Low)

Initail Price: $2.00. Music Played: Flat Head Four



  • Minimum Coaster Excitement: 3, with 2 Coasters
  • Minimum Coaster Length: 305.00 m, 2 coasters
  • Total monthly ride income: $300.00


  • Repay Loan
  • Total monthly ride income: $500.00


  • Minimum Coaster Excitement: 4, 3 coasters
  • Minimum Coaster Length: 370.00 m, 3 coasters
  • Total monthly ride income: $700.00

Scenario Guide

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First off, open all of the rides and hire a few mechanics to keep them operational. If you need to delete any of the pre-built rides, demolish the Mine Shaft Screamer. Keep Mining Mission, as it satisfies all the coaster requirements up through Tycoon level. Also keep Dynamite Danger, as it is popular and helps your ride income. For the first roller coaster you need to build, build it in the large space to the right of the entrance. Then, build another one at the top of the hill at the back, and use its height to send it anywhere you like inside the park. Lastly, increase the prices on all the rides, build a few non-tracked rides if necessary, and then pay off your loan. With luck, you should beat the Entrepreneur and Tycoon levels at the same time.

An easy way to get a steady income is to build four or five thrill/gentle/kiddie rides right near the entrance in a compact area, equipped with its own fully trained janitor (set the path) and mechanic (set his path) and food/drink/bathroom stalls. Don't forget to adjust your research to fit the objectives. In this case, you can pretty much just eliminate all other categories and only have your blue bar for roller coaster research. The four or five rides technique can be done in every level with positive results. It is self-sustaining and a very easy way to raise ride income. With that ride income, you can build the required coasters (you can use pre-built ones easy enough).


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Available Rides

Roller Coasters







Researched Rides

​Roller Coasters







Shops and Facilities





Researched Shops and Facilities





Available Scenery


  • Medium Cereus
  • Medium Saguaro Cactus
  • Large Saguaro Cactus
  • Large Organ Pipe Cactus
  • Medium Organ Pipe Cactus
  • Large Cereus
  • Medium Dead Western Tree
  • Small Dead Western Tree
  • Scrub Bush
  • Wheat Grass
  • Tumbleweed
  • Western Scrub Hedgerow


  • Barrel

Ride Events


Corral Ranch Walls

Western Town Walls


  • Barbed-wire Fence

Path Extras

  • Miner's Path Lamp
  • Sign
  • Arched Sign
  • Steer Skull Bin
  • Wagon-wheel Bench
  • Photo Spot

Researched Scenery

Path Extras

  • Banner Sign

Other Notes

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