Gravity Gardens RCT2-0

Scenario Guide

  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
  • The General Scenario Guide and Hints and Tips articles may also provide helpful information in completing this scenario.
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  • As you have more than enough space, don't go buying more land than you need. Not only will it be (almost) pointless, but it will also cost you $100 per tile. So you're most probably better off using the land you already own.
  • As the only rides you have are roller coasters, this park won't be very popular for those guests with low nausea thresholds. Therefore, be sure to build nice and gentle roller coasters as well as tall and epic roller coasters. Try to build those low-density coasters near the stations of the most massive ones, in order for them to fill easily.
  • The objective of this scenario –a park value of $500,000 with only coasters– may seem quite daunting, but in fact is pretty straightforward : try to build one new massive coaster each year, surrounded by a small one for little kids while massive high-intensity coasters would be preferred by the adults. The absence of a time limit also decreases the sense of emergency, allowing you think and plan ahead.
  • As the guests are charged at the Park Entrance only, you will need to put a lot of shops in your park, in order to get some much needed money. Remember to place ATMs at the park entrance and near every group of shops you have placed together, as well as using the umbrella cheat for an easy buck.
  • The L.I.M. Launched Roller Coaster is available in this scenario. Therefore, use it. And a lot.

Alternative Strategy: Close & Open the Park

Try not to spend more than $15,000 in any Roller Coaster you built. Add 'No-Entry' signs to areas without any rides. once your cash is low and guest count is at least 1,000, close all rides and the park, and remove guests from the park using said no-entry signs. After only 100 guests remain, remove (or deactivate) those signs, re-open the park with a $50.00 park entry fee (make sure your park is developed enough). Advertise with free food vouchers and advertising campaigns once you get the money. If you can muster 1,500 guests, you should have received $70,000 from plain park entries. Pay off all your debt first then build some more, continue advertising, close the park once guests stop flowing, repeat procedure until you get a $500,000 park value. Try not to take out loans if your debt is $20,000 or more because you'll need to pay your loan back too to accomplish this park's objective.

Your park value will fall when you close the park, but it'll recover fast once re-opened.