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RCT3 campaing 09 - Gunslinger

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Gunslinger is the 9th scenario in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Scenario Info: The Old Frontier beckons you to a western theme park that's about to be put out to pasture. Be quick on the draw to rustle up some improvements and put some Wild back into the West!

Park Hours: 9:00AM - 7:00PM Park Entrance Fee: $0 Starting Cash: $10,000 Starting Loan: $10,000 at 6.9% Maximum Loan: $13,000

Pre-built Rides

  • Grande Western Train Line (Mini Railway) (Outside park, not operable)
  • Runaway Train (Wooden Wild Mine Ride)
  • Tavern Capers (Wild West Show)

Pre-built Shops/Stalls

  • Bison Burgers 01 (Bison Burgers)
  • Golden Nugget Candy 01 (Golden Nugget Candy)
  • Indian Feather 01 (Indian Feather)
  • Raccoon Hats 01 (Raccoon Hats)
  • Root Beer 01 (Root Beer)
  • Steakhouse 01 (Steakhouse)
  • Information 01 (Information)
  • Toilets 01 (Toilets)
  • Toilets 02 (Toilets)


Apprentice: Minimum coaster length: 885.13 feet, 2 coasters. Minimum park value: $25,000.

Entrepreneur: Repay Loan. Minimum park value: 50,000.

Tycoon: VIP (Kara Oki) wants to visit two coaster with an excitement rating of at least 4.00. Minimum park value: $75,000.

Scenario Guide

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First off, delete the Grande Western Train Line (you can even watch it explode first). Also, demolish Runaway Train and some scenery as well. For the coasters, put in a boomerang design using the Looping Coaster, and then build Mining Mayhem (wooden wild mine prebuilt design). After that, raise the prices on your stalls and pay off about half of your loan. If you need a bit more money after you've done that (you probably will) delete some of the undeveloped paths, then only build the paths which are necessary for your platform rides. Like usual, your park value tends to rise at a very slow rate, which could make this scenario take a while. If you don't have enough money to build more rides, then you'll have to find other ways to entertain yourself like annoying peeps, or you can also do other things off the games, like playing a games or listening to music.

Available Rides

Wooden coaster Corkscrew Coaster Wild mouse coaster Inverted Coaster Standup roller coaster Twister coaster

Researched Rides

Hyper twister coaster

Available Scenery

Researched Scenery

Other Notes

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