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Haunted Harbor

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Haunted Harbor
Haunted Harbour
Theme Beach
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Your Objective Guests: 1200; Rating: 600; Date: October 31, Year 3.
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Admission Price Free
Starting Size 8,820m²
Maximum Size 25,930m²
Land Price $25 (Land); $20 (Construction Rights)
Construction Rights Price N/A
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Game Corkscrew Follies
Preceded by Funtopia
Succeeded by Fun Fortress


The local authority has agreed to sell nearby land cheaply to this small seaside park, on the condition that certain rides are preserved.

A small seaside park with a few rides and shops. You're allowed to buy nearby land for $25 and construction rights for $20. However the local authorities forbid the demolition or editing of two rides, Woodpecker and Ghost Train. The land which can be bought has a lot of trees on it, and there are a lot of hills, making it difficult to use. It is best used for tracked rides, as they can be built partially (or completely) underground, boosting the excitement rating and attracting guests during the rain.

Most roller coasters available during the scenario are made of wood, adding to the "vintage" atmosphere of the park. There are no suspended roller coasters, and the available steel roller coasters can also be considered "old-school".

Pre-Built Rides:

  • Ferris Wheel 1 (Ferris Wheel)
Excitement Rating: 1.29 (Low)
Intensity Rating: 0.75 (Low)
Nausea Rating: 0.80 (Low)
Initial Pricing: $0.50
Age: New
  • Ghost Train (Ghost Train)
Excitement Rating: 3.88 (Medium)
Intensity Rating: 0.45 (Low)
Nausea Rating: 0.13 (Low)
Initial Pricing: $0.40
Age: 35 years old
  • Merry-Go-Round 1 (Merry-Go-Round)
Excitement Rating: 1.10 (Low)
Intensity Rating: 0.60 (Low)
Nausea Rating: 0.75 (Low)
Initial Pricing: $0.60
Age: New
  • Slide 1 (Spiral Slide)
Excitement Rating: 1.82 (Low)
Intensity Rating: 1.40 (Low)
Nausea Rating: 0.90 (Low)
Initial Pricing: $0.50
Age: New
  • Woodpecker (Wooden Twister Roller Coaster)
Excitement Rating: 7.12 (High)
Intensity Rating: 7.69 (Very High)
Nausea Rating: 4.37 (Medium)
Initial Pricing: $1.00
Age: 68 years old

Scenario Guide

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HauntedHarbor - Finished

Haunted Harbor - finished

Fill up the remaining places on the grass with some flat rides, add benches and litter bins and build an information kiosk. Remove the flowers and unnecessary paths for extra space and money. Also, put research on maximum and tick Thrill Rides, Gentle Rides and Roller Coasters. Then fill the beach with some tracked rides and cram as much as possible in there. A Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coaster or Virginia Reel would be a good choice, since both require little space and are relatively cheap to build.

The two rides that must be preserved are incredibly old and thus prone to breaking down. Ghost Train is 35 years old, with Woodpecker topping an astonishing 68 years. While both attractions suffer from high down-time, Woodpecker is always at risk of a station brakes failure crash in its starting configuration, so setting the ride to run six 3-car trains or one 12-car train as soon as the level starts is recommended to remedy this issue.

Once you have repaid your loan and filled up all the space, start expanding your park slowly, building more roller coasters to attract guests. The hills around the park are a good spot to build rides partially underground to increase the excitement rating. It might be necessary to set research to Roller Coasters only for a short period of time. You can also start advertising near the end if you need some more guests.

Available Rides



Roller Coasters




Researched Rides


  • Chairlift (Chairlift Cars, Chairlift Cars (Alternate))
  • Monorail (Small Monorail Cars, Streamlined Monorail Cars)


Roller Coasters





Available Scenery

Researched Scenery

Other Notes


Here's how the Easter Egg looks after "a little" editing

  • Easter Egg: In one corner of the map you can buy land that forms CS, after the developer, Chris Sawyer.
  • If you have the expansion packs installed, this will be the first park you'll see on the intro screen.
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