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Hydro Hills - finished

Hydro Hills RCT

This objective is rather easy if you've had experience with previous park value objectives (such as Dinky Park, Diamond Heights, and Katie's World, for example). Start off by setting your research to roller coasters, thrill rides, gentle rides, and shops and stalls to maximum funding. Build two Shuttle Loops next to each other and set them to launch simultaneously. This will boost excitement, as well as give them identical loading rates. Build some gentle and thrill rides scattered around the bottom lake. This will bring in some guests and will also help you make some money.

A nice trick with this park is to build in each lake as you expand. When you finish up with the first lake, move to the second and fit as much as you can in the second lake; then move to the third, and so on. By not packing everything into one lake like the picture shown, you will avoid the guests complaining about it being too packed. Rapid expansion does help, try fitting a few gentle and thrill rides in each lake with a coaster or two where you can fit it.

When you are at the end of the objective, you should have around 4-7 coasters (excluding the Shuttle Loops) and lots of flat rides scattered around the park. You should have your loan paid off and a park value close to $30,000, much more than what the objective requires.

Players sometimes can delete the boat hire, but it shouldn't be necessary.