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You've been given the task of constructing a Jurassic era theme park. to optimize your visitor's access to the exotic plant and animal exhibits, you will need to build rides going over and into the valley.

To have at least 2,700 guests in your park at the end of October, Year 4, with a park rating of at least 600.

Pre-Built Rides

Triceratops Dodgem Cars 1 (Dodgems)

  • Excitement 2.72 (Medium)
  • Intensity 0.80 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.35 (Low)

Monorail 1 (Monorail)

  • Excitement 3.06 (Medium)
  • Intensity 0.21 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.06 (Low)

Monorail 2 (Monorail)

  • Excitment
  • Intensity
  • Nausea

Chairlift 1 (Chairlift)

  • Excitement 2.22 (Low)
  • Intensity 0.59 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.77 (Low)

Chairlift 2 (Chairlift)

  • Excitement 2.12 (Low)
  • Intensity 0.61 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.81 (Low)

Chairlift 3 (Chairlift)

  • Excitement 2.37 (Low)
  • Intensity 0.63 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.86 (Low)

Chairlift 4 (Chairlift)

  • Excitement 2.23 (Low)
  • Intensity 0.60 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.79 (Low)

Observation Tower 1 (Observation Tower)

  • Excitement 5.33 (Medium)
  • Intensity 0.00 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.48 (Low)

Observation Tower 2 (Observation Tower)

  • Excitement 5.88 (Medium)
  • Intensity 0.00 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.48 (Low)

Obsvervation Tower 3 (Observation Tower)

  • Excitement 4.09 (Medium)
  • Intensity 0.00 (Low)
  • Nausea 0.49 (Low)

Pterodactyl Terror (Flying Roller Coaster)

  • Excitement 7.57 (High)
  • Intenstiy 8.65 (Very High)
  • Nausea 7.71 (Very High)

Scenario Guide

The scenario guide can be viewed here.

Attractions Attractions RCT2 Icon

Transport Rides Transport Rides RCT1 Icon


RCT2 Icon
Retro-style Monorail Trains RCT2 Icon

Retro-style Monorail Trains
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2



Gentle Rides Gentle Rides RCT1 Icon


RCT2 Icon
Double-deck Observation Tower RCT2 Icon

Double-deck Observation Tower
(Observation Tower)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

RCT2 Icon
Triceratops Dodgem Cars RCT2 Icon

Triceratops Dodgem Cars
Time Twister


RCT2 Icon
Cheshire Cats RCT2 Icon

'Cat' Cars
Cheshire Cats
(Car Ride)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

Roller Coasters Roller Coasters RCT1 Icon


RCT2 Icon
Raptor Racers Coaster RCT2 Icon

Raptor Racers Coaster
Time Twister


Thrill Rides Thrill Rides RCT1 Icon


RCT2 Icon
Dinosaur Egg Ride RCT2 Icon

Dinosaur Egg Ride
Time Twister


Water Rides Water Rides RCT1 Icon




Shops and Stalls Shop & Stalls RCT1 Icon



Scenery Scenery RCT2 Icon



Park Entrance Park Entrance RCT2 Icon

Prehistoric Entrance RCT2 Icon
Prehistoric Park Entrance
Time Twister

Water Water RCT2 Icon

Natural Water RCT2 Icon
Natural Water
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

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