This is a list of all the scenery items under the group "Jurassic Theming".

Name Image Cost Size
Bone Bone $5 ¼ tile
Bones Bones $11 1x1
Dinosaur Dinosaur 1 $20 1x1
Dinosaur Dinosaur 2 $20 1x1
Dinosaur Dinosaur 3 $25 1x2
Dinosaur Dinosaur 4 $25 1x2
Dinosaur Dinosaur 5 $40 1x2
Tall Wooden Fence $6 Tile edge
Wooden Fence $5 Tile edge
Wooden Fence Wall $6 Tile edge
Bone Fence $5 Tille edge
Jurassic Style Sign $30 On Path Tile


Researching this scenery will give you the Jurassic Style music.

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