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First off, as with every scenario, check the prices for rides and the park entrance fee. Increase or decrease prices as you like. Build lots of benches, trash cans, shops, stalls, and bathrooms, as this park is pretty large and hard to manage regarding tidiness. Hence, a minimum of five handymen with limited patrolling space is recommended. Five bathrooms and four shops of each type (one in every corner) should work just fine. Researching and scattering Information Kiosks is an imperative to prevent the guests from getting lost, although rain falls rather rarely in this scenario. If the expansion packs are installed, making use of the No-Entry signs on ride exits is advised.

All the rides you start with are strangely designed and consume a lot of space. Both pre-built Wooden Roller Coasters are prone to crashing. Close these two roller coasters as soon as possible and add some brakes at the ends of their tracks. For good measure, you can limit them to only one large 7-car train each and add On-ride Photo Sections to increase the safety, but maintain their high profit potential. There are other options to increase the safety of the two Roller Coasters while having more than single train: At the beginning of the scenario, pause and research Ride Improvements only and Maximize it. The Water Splash section should quickly become available, and when it does, immediately close both coasters. On Big Woodchip, delete from the end of station to just before the bottom of the last hill. The Water Splash should fit in the tunnel fine. On Bigger Woodchip, clear out any trees and delete the first two curve parts, followed by expanding towards the hill with at least 5 straight sections. Put the banked curves back in, and insert the Water Splash in by the last curve by the station. The Water Splash sections should decrease the speed of fully-loaded trains greatly on these coasters and make the Station Brakes Failure safe.

Many guests will complain about the queue times for King Karts and Turnpike. Since these tracks are very long, and they are set to "Race Mode", the winner gets an extra lap. This means that the lines move very slowly and the riders who are positioned in the karts that are waiting for the first place driver of the last race will be waiting a while. The best solution in this case would be to set both tracks to "Continuous Circuit Mode", so that the karts can go as soon as they are loaded, and only get one lap. Alternatives would be shortening the queue lines by replacing parts of them with normal footpaths and/or assigning entertainers in a limited patrol area around the queue lines. You can also shorten the Go-Karts and Coasters to shorten the ride time and increase the income rate.

Set up some Gentle and Thrill rides you have available. Try to leave room for a third roller coaster somewhere, as there is not much space available, making the Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coaster the perfect choice. If you research roller coasters for several months, you will get the Steel Corkscrew Roller Coaster, allowing you to create multiple small coasters in the reverse-incline mode.

The number of trees throughout the park is very noticeable. One option is to remove many of them as you make room for rides. Another option is to remove some of them trees for flat rides, but try to build mostly around them, as many guests will comment about the beautiful scenery. This would raise the park rating, earn you the Most Beautiful Park Award, and thus, make attaining the 1,000 guests easier.

Attaining 1,000 guests in three years may seem pretty difficult, especially when reaching the third year. Set research priorities to Thrill Rides to gather a wide variety of them, as they have a greater potential to attract guests than Gentle Rides. If you are still more than 200 guests short by Year 3, make use of advertising and marketing campaigns to make up the rest.