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Katie's World - finished

Katie's Dreamland is the second park with a Park Value goal, though this time it is $15,000 that you are striving for. You start with fewer rides than Diamond Heights, so it is balanced. Start by researching Shops and Stalls to get a Drink Stall and maybe another food stall, and hiring some staff.

Due to the way it is built, The Storm has a high chance of crashing throughout the course of the scenario, usually either on the second lift hill during a safety cut-out or at the station platform during station brakes failure. There are a few ways you can fix this:

  1. Reduce the number of trains to 1. While this is the most convenient and cost-effective option, it sharply reduces The Storm's ride capacity, which reduces the amount of money it can make.
  2. Demolish The Storm completely. This gives you the greatest amount of flexibility, as you can then decide to build something else, such as a Steel Roller Coaster, optionally with a similar track layout, or use the cash generated from the demolition to build other rides, but it will remove one of your park's centerpiece attractions, which will reduce your park value, and perhaps its rating, for some time.
  3. Lower the height of the ride section after the second lift hill by one steep drop and add brakes on the straight section before the station platform. Although the alterations will take a while to complete and cost you a little, the changes will remove the need to have a second lift hill entirely while actually lowering the ride's intensity rating a little due to the trains travelling slower after the second steep drop. The brakes on the track will also reduce the likelihood of the station brakes failing, and even if they do fail, the reduced speed of the trains means that they will always enter the station safely. This option also retains the carrying capacity of The Storm, and the reduced intensity rating may entice more guests to ride it.

If you decide to keep The Storm, consider setting its ride inspection time to 10 minutes, as well as assigning a mechanic to patrol only The Storm's ride exit.

Though Runaway Plumber is also prone to crashing, it can be saved if you close it and put a brake section before the station. If you have Corkscrew Follies installed, you may find it useful to put a sign on the exit path for Runaway Plumber and set it to "No Entry".

Also, the queue time for the Runaway Plumber is extremely long (16 minutes!), so make sure to shorten the line, as guests will soon become angry. If you wish to build a fourth roller coaster, the best place to do it would be the blank space next to Runaway Plumber (directly forward from the park entrance, at the end of the park). Continue to build rides throughout the scenario, and if you are still short around July of Year 3, demolish the old gentle and thrill rides that were already built and build new ones in their place. You can also buy land to the side of the Go-Kart track and inside of the area taken by The Storm, but this is not recommended. It is also useful to save money along the way and build one or two expensive rides in Year 3, as well as delete and rebuild your gentle and thrill rides. If rides get older, their value (and henceforth your park value) drops.

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