Land menu RCT2

The land menu in RCT2

Land menu RCT1

The land menu in the original RCT

The land menu in RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 is the menu used for shaping land and choosing the textures.


Base land

  • Brown Dirt
  • Brown Dirt & Clumps of Grass
  • Grass
  • Grey Rocky Land
  • Roofing Tiles (RCT1)
  • Grey Roofing Tiles (RCT1)
  • Sand
  • Martian Land (Comes with Martian Theming Objects)
  • Checkerboard Land (Comes with Wonderland Theming Objects)
  • Snow/Ice
  • Log Roof(RCT1) (Comes with Mine Theming Objects)
  • Iron Roof (RCT1)
  • Red Grid Lines (Comes with Space Theming Objects)
  • Yellow Grid Lines(Comes with Space Theming Objects)
  • Purple Grid Lines (Comes with Space Theming Objects)
  • Green Grid Lines (Comes with Space Theming Objects)

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