The tower is constructed from steel girders and contains large pneumatic cylinders to launch the car upwards.


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Launched Freefall
(Launched Freefall)
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  • Escape Hatch

Other information

  • The Launched Freefall has an additional operating mode, "Downward Launch" (Added Attractions and onward). This pulls the ride up to the top of the tower and drops it, like the Roto-Drop, but then it "bounces" back up after hitting the bottom.
  • The ride ratings are glitched when a tower is operating in downward launch mode. The ratings of a tower in downward launch mode are affected by the speed set for the tower's upward launch, even if upward launch mode isn't used. Two downwardly launching towers can be constructed - one up to the height limit and the other as short as possible without crashing - and the two will have identical statistics if both have the same upward speed. If two identical towers are constructed, but one is given the highest possible speed and the other is given the lowest, the two towers will have wildly differing ratings, even when operating in downward mode. The actual height of the tower is irrelevant when determining the ride's ratings. This is fixed in OpenRCT2.
  • This ride is called Whoa Belly in the American version of RCT1.

In real life

The Launched Freefall is modeled after the pneumatic drop/launch towers manufactured by S&S.

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