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Lightning Peaks RCT

The park is broken up into several mountains and a long pathway from the bottom to the summit of the first peak. There are Chairlifts connecting the park entrance and the peak.

Since the guests are concentrated in this area, build non-tracked rides along the pathway, and roller coasters near the top. Roller coasters can either be a compact chain-lift design or a few powered launch designs. Make sure to place shops, stalls, and bathrooms at the entrance and peak.


Lightning Peaks - finished

Once you run out of space at the top, progress to the other peaks in the same fashion. Make sure a Chairlift connects each peak. Shops and stalls should be placed at logical intervals.

If you can afford it, you can build a Steel Roller Coaster with two stations that connect two of the peaks. Don't build it too intense and lots of guests will come to your park.

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