Water flume track supported by box-section steel supports. Boats are propelled up slopes on rollers, and they are then free to travel along the water channel at their own pace.

Special Track Sections

  • Reverser Turntable - allows log flume rafts to traverse the track backwards (Added Attractions and onwards)
  • S-bend left/right


  • Maximum track slope - 25° (60 in RCT3)
  • Maximum height above ground - 39 feet


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Log Flume RCT2 Icon

Log Flume
(Log Flume)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

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Crocodile Ride RCT2 Icon

Crocodile Ride
(Log Flume)
Wacky Worlds

Pre-built designs

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Build menu only
  • Logger's Revenge

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Build menu only
  • Splash Mine

Other Information

  • Log Flumes must be designed carefully, or they can go on forever. A Log Flume's only speed comes when it goes downhill, otherwise it goes at the boring pace of 2-3 mph. Use the slow speeds to develop a theme, and then climax with a big drop to keep guests coming back for more.
  • It is easy to overdo a Log Flume, making extra-long ride times. Make sure to not have a ride time any longer than 4 minutes, otherwise guests will get angry.
  • Good excitement ratings on Log Flumes come from having plenty of scenery and other rides around. Also, make sure to have at least one huge drop that gets the guests soaked and gives the boat temporary speed.
  • The Crocodile Ride has a bug in its data file, causing it to max out at 5 boats. This means that it can only be used for very small log flumes. This bug has been fixed in OpenRCT2.


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