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RCT3 Wild! campaing 09 - Lost Land of the Dinosaurs

The emblem of the scenario


This lost land was discovered by Major St. John Smythe and is home of the famous Mount Cretaceous. It has been heading for extinction - take the reins and turn The Lost Land of the Dinosaurs into a success-o-saurus!

Pre-built Rides

Safari Transport 1:

  • Excitement rating: 3.84(Medium)
  • Intensity rating: 0.62(Low)
  • Nausea rting: 0.04(Low)

Dino Mask 1



  • Park Rating: 600
    • Sustained for at least 2 months.
  • VIP (Major Smythe)
    • Arrives: 16 May
    • Dung Tolerance: High
    • See Animals: 5 Panthers
    • Wants to visit 3 animal viewing galleries


  • Park Rating: 700
    • Sustained for at least 3 months.
  • VIP (Major Smythe)
    • Arrives: 19 July
    • Dung Tolerance: Medium
    • See Animals: 15 Giraffes
    • Wants to visit 4 animal viewing galleries


  • Park Rating: 800
    • Sustained for at least 4 months.
  • VIP (Major Smythe)
    • Arrives: 21 June
    • Dung Tolerance: Low
    • See Animals: 25 Mandrills
    • Wants to visit 5 animal viewing galleries

Scenario Guide

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This scenario isn’t too difficult, however the lack of useful space can be quite a challenge to deal with. The park is relatively big, but the huge volcano takes more than half of it, and the safari transport with all those dinosaurs takes a considerable amount of the remaining land, too.

First of all, build a not too big chain fence enclosure - the flat land behind the back of the T-rex (the one fighting with the Triceratops) should be fine for this - with  at least 3 viewing galleries and a carnivore house, and buy the 5 panthers the VIP wants to see. Ensure he visits all three viewing galleries. For the park rating, build some flat rides and food, drink, souvenir shops as well as facilities and ensure the park is kept relatively clean. With that, you should pass apprentice.

For the entrepreneur, build another chain fence enclosure - the flat land between the Parasaurolophus herd and the Dimetrodons should be good, just don’t use up all that land. Leave place there for a third enclosure with at least one viewing gallery and a giraffe house, and buy the VIP’s 15 giraffes. Don’t mind too much if the Park Inspector notes that there are too many animals in the enclosure, Mayor Smythe won’t care about that. Ensure the VIP visits all the viewing galleries. For the park rating, build more flat rides and shops and ensure the park is relatively clean. With that, you should pass entrepreneur.

For tycoon, build a third chain fence enclosure near the 2nd one with one or two ape houses and at least one viewing gallery. Buy the VIP’s 25 mandrills. That will cost a lot, but you could just sell 8-10 of your giraffes to get a little more money, as well as take some loan (just mind the high interest rate), you don’t have to pay it back anyway. Ensure Major Smythe visits all the viewing galleries. For the park rating goal, have enough - and a nice variety of - rides and shops and keep the park clean (note that the rating must be sustained for at least 4 months) and you won tycoon.

Available Rides

Available Scenery

Researched Rides

Researched Scenery

Other Notes

The park features a large variety of (animatronic) dinosaurs in the same area, however in reality they were from different geological periods, and the dimetrodons, as well as the pteranodons are not even dinosaurs.

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