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Leafy lake

Lucky Lake - Finished

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This park bares a resemblance to Leafy Lake in the first RCT, except that this park is larger and there are rides available from the start.

Start by building non-tracked rides around the paths, and space them out, using the flat land around the pre-built coaster that comes with the scenario, so guests with low-nausea won't complain that they feel sick.

The Mine Train Coaster that comes with the scenario takes up a lot of space, but is a really good transport coaster. You can change it a little just to make more space, and in front of every station of the coaster, build stalls, while restrooms should be placed regularly throughout the park.

Because you have unlimited funds in this one, this scenario is fairly simple. Keep your park rating high by assigning mechanics to every ride, give each handyman one or two patrol tiles covering the entire park, and a lot of security guards and entertainers. A big staff crew will keep your rating high, and make sure that the guests are happy constantly by monitoring the guests' thoughts and the rating won't be a problem in this scenario.

Keep in mind that since there is no money in the park, you can "build land" at no cost. However, though tempting, avoid filling in the entire lake because it will take lots of time, during which your park rating will slip. Instead, expand the areas on the edge of the lake if you find you need more space for small rides.

To attract guests, you will have to build as many coasters as you can. The lake will have the most space for the coasters, but make sure you keep the coasters interesting so they will have high excitement rating to attract a lot of guests, and remember that building coasters on water gives extra excitement.

8-10 coasters will bring you enough guests by the end of Year 4, making this scenario the easiest scenario in the Expert scenarios in RCT2. If you are playing this one after Extreme Heights, it will be very easy.