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Magic Quarters - finished.

Magic Quarters RCT
Magic Quarters RCT 2
Magic Quarters RCT 3

At first, you should definitely set your research to Thrill Rides only at $400, as that is the only thing you are lacking at the beginning. You probably won't need to research Roller Coasters at all, as there are 12 available from the start. After that, build some rides and shops and increase the entry fee or charge ride admissions. There are basically two options:

  • Starting in one of the quarters, expanding to the next once it is filled.
  • Starting in all of the quarters, expanding evenly throughout the game.

Select the method you are more comfortable with, and start building. If you choose to utilize only one quarter at the beginning, block the paths in the back of the park with 'No Entry' signs and keep the Miniature Railroad shut down until later to prevent guests getting lost.

With almost 55,000m² (592,015ft²), the park is really big, and it should be no trouble at all to win this scenario. Expand slowly in the beginning and repay your loan. Save some space for Roller Coasters you might want to build in Year 4. Just remember that park value drops as your rides age, so it might be wise to replace older rides near the end. Building Roller Coasters is the best way of increasing your park value, so just add some if you don't meet the requirements in Year 4.

A good strategy for this one, is to build 2 coasters per year, and keep all the flat rides around the main paths, doing that will get the attention of the guests and get more cash.