The maze is constructed from over 6 foot tall hedges. Guests wander around the maze and can only leave when they find the exit.

Wall Materials

  • Hedges
  • Bricks
  • Wooden Fences
  • Ice

Pre-built designs

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Build menu only

  • Mini Maze (Excitement: ~1.50; Intensity: ~0.60; Nausea: ~0.00; ~$540)
  • Spiral Maze (Excitement: ~1.60; Intensity: ~0.60; Nausea: ~0.00; ~$972)


RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Build menu only

  • Crazy Castle
  • Mini Maze
  • Spiral Hedges


Other Information

The Hedge Maze has a unique construction interface that can take a little time to learn. There are three modes: build, move, and fill. Also, changing or deleting part of the maze will cost money (unlike the refund that most rides give). A long or impossible maze will just make guests wait a long time and become unhappy. This ride usually needs only a one-or-two square queue line.

Peeps do not care if the maze is "hard" or not, meaning that having a maze without any branching won't affect the excitement rating or quality of the ride. Thus, when building a Maze, one should build one without branching and just make a long corridor to prevent dumber peeps from staying too long on the ride, clogging up the queue line and getting the "I want to get off..."-message.


  • It does not appear in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, but another ride similar, the Mirror Maze, does appear.
  • It cannot be built underground.
  • This ride is called "Hedge Maze" in RCT1.
  • When deleting the ride, you do not get any refund. It is wise to save the game before placing in case the arrangement of the entrance/exit doesn't work for you.
  • It never breaks down so a Mechanic is never required.
  • The music cannot be played on this ride.
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