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Medieval Themeing
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Brown and grey walls, recolorable walls, castle walls, high castle walls, and castle towers are not listed sepretly. This is done because they're the identical in attributes. This arrangement saves room.

Object Price Size Picture
Castle Tower (Square) $120 1x1 Square Tower
Castle Tower (Fancy) $150 1x1 Fancy Towers
Castle Tower (Round) $38 1x1 Round Tower
Castle Wall (Low) $6 Tile Edge Castle Walls Low
Castle Wall (Medium) $7 Tile Edge Castle Walls Med

Catstle Wall (4 types - High)

$10 Tile Edge Castle Walls
Cannon $11 1/4 Tile Cannon
Target $9 1/4 Tile Target
Wooden Fence $4 Tile Edge Wood Wall
Tent $30 1x1 Tent
House (Square) $ 1x1 House II
House (Single Floor) $ 1x1 House
House (Round) $ 1x1 House III
Brown/Grey Stone Wall Edges (RCT1) $10 Landscape Stone Wall Edges
RCT2 Walls (To be added) -- Tile Edge --


  • In RCT1, when this scenery is researched, you also get the Medieval Themed entrance and exit (both grey and brown), the Medieval Styled music (both of which are already unlocked in RCT2), and the knight costume for your entertainers.