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Just for fun!

This park is the reward for completing every original RollerCoaster Tycoon scenario. Every ride, shop/stall, and scenery item is available through research in this scenario. The park features theming from many other scenarios in the game. There is no objective for this park, but it uses money, which means it is not a true sandbox mode. However it's definitely worth unlocking.

Scenario Guide

Since there is no proper objective, you will not need a guide. Mega Park can almost be thought of as a sandbox; the only thing stopping it from being an actual sandbox is that you still start out with $10,000 and a $50,000 loan, due to the fact that scenarios could not have unlimited money in the original RollerCoaster Tycoon. Still, take the objective they give you to heart. Have fun!

Attractions Attractions RCT2 Icon

Transport Rides Transport Rides RCT1 Icon


RCT2 Icon
Streamlined Monorail Trains RCT2 Icon

Large Monorail Train
Streamlined Monorail Trains
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1


  • (none)

Gentle Rides Gentle Rides RCT1 Icon


RCT2 Icon
Cheshire Cats RCT2 Icon

'Cat' Cars
Cheshire Cats
(Car Ride)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1


Roller Coasters Roller Coasters RCT1 Icon




Thrill Rides Thrill Rides RCT1 Icon



Water Rides Water Rides RCT1 Icon



Shop & Stalls Shop & Stalls RCT1 Icon



Available Scenery

Other Notes

  • There are several sections of the park where there appears to have been some kind of previous landscaping. There are channels that are dug into the hillsides, as well as fences indicating a possible path for tracked rides.
  • The Megaworld Park scenario in the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack is a developed version of this park which does not use money. However, there is an objective, so it is still not a true sandbox.
  • If you compare the landscaping done to the Mega Park to the locations of the coasters in Megaworld Park, it's noticeable that this park was planned ahead while RCT was in production.
  • If you will notice and even compare, some areas on Mega Park are exact copies of the landscapes of the original Roller Coaster Tycoon scenarios, one big noticeable example is the lake from Leafy Lake, and at the front from Karts & Coasters (due to the construction rights). The others are hard to notice due to the fact that they are turned into hills.
  • Many of the ride pictures in the Ride Selection screen were taken from rides on this map.
  • In Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe, the scenario will appear on the Extra section, and not below the list of the original RCT scenarios. It is succeeded by Whispering Cliffs, the first of Corkscrew Follies scenario tab.
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