A gentle game of miniature golf.


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The Miniature Golf ride can quickly become a hassle if one is not careful. As Prima's Strategy Guide said, "Guests may actually take advantage of your park by spending a lot of time on a low-income ride." Construct the ride with no more than five holes, or guests will be backed up for hours. Also, be careful with the holes D and E (the ones that turn), because those two take the most time for the riders to complete. (Note that E is not available in RCT1.)


  • This ride is called Mini Golf in RCT2 and Crazy Golf in RCT3.
  • Hole A is a cul-de-sac, Hole B is a zig-zag, Hole C is a rectangle with three enclosed paths, and Holes D and E are hairpins.
  • Occasionally, guests 'celebrate' whenever they score a hole-in-one. (Putting their ball in one stroke.)
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