Mountain Spring

  • game: RCT3 Soaked!
    RCT3 Soaked! campaing 8 - Mountain Spring

    The emblem of the scenario

  • Intial cash: $11,000 (there are $5,000 loan)
  • Theme: Standard and Adventure


You’ll need to source some sparkling ideas to perform at your peak potential. Spring to it, and let your crystal clear vision have those park guests gushing with praise…

This is the 8th scenario of RCT3 Soaked. Here you need to build indoor rides and rides on top of rides because you have limited space for a park that needs over $2500 made from rides. Most of the time this requires more than 1000 people in your park. Add buildings to add park value, as that is also an objective.



  • Guest in park: 300 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Total monthly ride income: $500.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Guests in a clean pool complex: 80 - sustained for at least 1 month.


  • Total monthly ride income: $1,500.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Minimum park value $80,000.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Repay Loan


  • Total monthly ride income: $2,500.00 - can be achieved at any time.
  • Park Rating: 800 - sustained for at least 4 months.
  • Minimum park value $140,000.00 - can be achieved at any time.

Scernario Guide

How to create a compact building (THIS IS NEEDED)

1. Lower a 6x6 plot of land 6 spaces/6 meters.

2. Build a twister ride in one corner and use the other area for a stair case. This is a basement.

3. Build a gravitron ride on the ground floor, 6 spaces/meters above the twister ride.

4. Build a random ride 14 spaces/meters above the twister ride (8 above gravitron).

5. Build a structure using walls and roofs to totally cover the structure (for park value).

This is just a sample. Note that flat rides can only be up to 16 spaces/meters above the ground, so build short rides underneath.

Build a roller coaster on the hills, either side works.

Flatten a hill if you need to build a compact building there. Not that hard!

This place does have night time, so make sure you build path lights.

Available Rides

Researched Rides

Available Scenery

Researched Scenery

Other Notes

The slightly ruined Mayan temple at the back of the park is built from the elements of the Atlantis wall set, which is maybe a reference to the theories of the Mayans’ connection with the legendary Atlantis.

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