Animatronic Film Set RCT2
Animatronic Film Set
(Animatronic Antics)
Time Twister
Cradle of Civilisation RCT2
Cradle of Civilization
(Mythological Madness)
Time Twister

Attractions Attractions RCT2 Icon

Transport Rides Transport Rides RCT1 Icon

  • (none)

Gentle Rides Gentle Rides RCT1 Icon

RCT2 Icon
Pegasus Ride RCT2 Icon

Pegasus Ride
(Car Ride)
Time Twister

RCT2 Icon
Cyclops Ride RCT2 Icon

Cyclops Ride
(Flying Saucers)
Time Twister

Roller Coasters Roller Coasters RCT1 Icon

Thrill Rides Thrill Rides RCT1 Icon

Water Rides Water Rides RCT1 Icon

Shop & Stalls Shop & Stalls RCT1 Icon

Scenery Scenery RCT2 Icon

Mythological Themeing RCT2 Icon
Mythological Themeing
(66 objects)
Time Twister

Footpaths Footpaths RCT2 Icon

Mosaic Footpath RCT2 Icon
Mosaic Footpath
Time Twister

Park Entrance Park Entrance RCT2 Icon

Mythological Entrance RCT2 Icon
Mythological Park Entrance
Time Twister

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