A No money scenario is - just as it sounds like - a scenario where money simply is not used. All items, scenery as well as rides do not have a price. They can be built for free. Also staff doesn't get paid and ride maintenance doesn't generate any costs. Guests do not have money and they don't need to as everything is completely for free, including food, drinks and souvenirs.

RCT1 and RCT2

No money has been introduced with Arid Heights in Loopy Landscapes. All scenarios without money have got the objective to get a certain number of guests into the park and the park rating must be kept above 700. In RCT2 however, this is also used for scenarios with other goals.

If a park in RCT1 or RCT2 is a no money scenario, there are some restrictions:

  • There is no money displayed in the lower left corner
  • The budget window is not available, there is no way to open it.
    The keyboard shortcut "F" doesn't work and all buttons which open it are invisible
  • All money tabs disappear. They're just missing in the ride and guest windows
  • Research options can not be changed as the funding tab is missing (RCT1)
    or the budget window is unavailable (RCT2)
  • The buttons to open/close the park are invisible
  • The buttons to buy land or construction rights are not visible
  • Marketing campaigns can not be launched since the budget window is not accessible
  • The A.T.M. (RCT2 only) is useless, guests will never use it
  • If no money is chosen in the RCT2 scenario editor, only these four objectives can be chosen:
    • Number of guests in the park / park rating not below 700
    • Build 10 rollercoasters with an excitement of at least 6.00
    • Build 10 rollercoasters with a specific length and excitement of at least 7.00
    • Finish construction of five roller coasters with a specific excitement


List of No-Money Scenarios

Loopy Landscapes


Beginner Parks

Time Twister

Wacky Worlds

Challenging Parks

Wacky Worlds

Expert Parks


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