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Big Pier RCT

Several effective strategies exist for completing this scenario.

One possible option is to delete the middle paths connecting one side of the park to the other. This gives lots of room in the middle of the park and gives enough room for a roller coaster larger than a Shuttle Loop. Unfortunately, this causes crowded paths around the outside, and space wasted by paths and queues from the rides.

Another option is to keep all the paths one starts with, and dedicate at least one square to a Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coaster. Use the other three squares for gentle rides, thrill rides, and shops/stalls. More roller coasters can be built outside of the pier, as the construction rights of the scenario extend three squares past the paths, and the paths are high enough above the water that most roller coasters can fit below. The downside to this method is that it creates lots of intersections in the path system, and guests may get lost if Information Kiosks aren't plentiful.


Big Pier - finished

Big Pier should be easy to beat if you know what you're doing. Be aware of where your construction rights end, because they act as the border of the park. There is no way to expand your park, so use your space wisely.

If done correctly, you should beat Big Pier's objective with no trouble at all.

As Added By Bigray1222: 

Treat just like Dinky Park. (i.e. delete one of the back inside quarter paths to make way for 2 side by side steel coasters. Pause the game when you first start it so you can place lot's of handyman around the paths. (I placed 12. You won't run out of money if you follow my instructions). Set research to shops and stalls so you can get the information kiosk and balloon stall. (People buy the balloons, I still don't know why). Then set research to thrill rides. Mean while build as much as you can within two of the "squares". i was able to fit 2 coasters and a lot of attractions. I added a dueling steel coaster in the back with a photo section to upsell and even got a corkscrew and Water Slide on the outskirts. I had 1030 guests and a 950+ rating by yr 2 and I didn't even advertise. Good luck!