Peep Bowling is where someone builds a roller coaster (or any other tracked ride), with the end of the track allowing the cars to crash into peeps. This only works in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Planet Coaster because the cars do not explode immediately after touching land, water, or scenery. Instead, the cars will explode after a given time. Peep Bowling is often accompanied with the Atomic cheat, enabling giant shock waves after the cars explode.

Peep Bowling tutorial

Arguably, among the best roller-coaster for peep bowling is the Air Powered Coaster in RCT3. If the circuit is aimed correctly at the peeps, a humorous crash will take place. Here is how to set it up.

1. Start a new sandbox world. A single line of path will be generated.
Peep Bowling 1

The Set up for the crash!

2. Pause the game, then add a number of Souvenir shops on either side of the pathway. This will encourage Peeps to enter the park.

3. Put two signs on either end of the path once you have enough peeps on the path. Once you are happy with the number of your peeps,

4. Once you are happy with the number of your peeps, set the signs to 'No-entry'. This stops peeps from leaving or entering!

5. Now, build your Air Powered Coaster. Make sure the track ends directly where the path ends. You could build a ramp, If you want!

6. Either add entrances and exits to your ride, or just plain test the ride. A spectacular Crash will occur.
Peep Bowling 2

The dramatic result.

7. Tinker with the ride speed and see what the results are!

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