This is a list of all the objects in the theme "Pirate Themeing"

Name Image Cost Size
Pirate Ship $190 4x2
Treasure Chest (closed) $9 ¼ Tile
Treasure Chest (open) $9 ¼ Tile
Rigging $12 Tile Edge
Pirate Flag $10 ¼ Tile
Cannon Balls $9 ¼ Tile
Cannon $9 ¼ Tile
Tavern $110 2x2
Lamp $6 Path Edge
Roof $20 1x1
Roof $22 1x1
Wall (Window) $11 Tile Edge
Wall $10 Tile Edge
Wall (Half Height) $7 Tile Edge

This themeing only appears in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

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