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Despite what the description might say, this is a fairly easy scenario as the plateau has more than enough space for you to build a park that reaches a value of $275,000 by the end of Year 4.

Research is straightforward, as you can get everything researched before your time is up, but I would recommend doing Gentle Rides first as it gives you the Observation Tower which is the last of the non-tracked rides you can build, to go with the Ferris Wheel, Enterprise, and Coffee Cups. There's plenty of Roller Coasters already available, so don't go rushing to research them.

Start with an Information Kiosk and the 4 Gentle/Thrill rides. Don't feel like you have to save space by building a path through the rock to your rides. Just use the one given to you at the start and build across the top of the plateau in the open. Add in a roller coaster or two and if you keep them short and simple (a shuttled Looping Roller Coaster works just great) they will not cost much and give you a hefty profit. You'll notice that although the coasters are making money, you won't seem to be gaining any. This is because there is a $10,000 loan taking out and a 30% interest rate! Be sure to pay this back as soon as you have a small park established, and from then on, money will never be a problem. Then, put in your stalls and your park can run itself for a year or more if you want (a Burger Bar is the first research item for Shops and Stalls if you want more food).

Remember that your goal is park value, not people, so don't bother trying to cram as many guests as possible into your park. The faster you build, the less each ride is worth in Year 4, so don't go build-crazy. In order to get the money for when you build bigger roller coasters to boost the park value, try a Log Flume, River Rapids, Splash Boats, or Go Karts, all of which are cost-effective money makers. In Years 3 & 4, just build a roller coaster or two until you get the park value rating you need.